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My husband and I played the part of opening weekend geeks and went to see “Snakes on a Plane.” We both really enjoyed it, mainly because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, a major part of its charm. Great character actors who give spot-on delivery of some totally hysterical lines. Lots of obstacles to drive the satisfyingly predictable and formulaic plot forward. Bring a healthy willing suspension of disbelief and enjoy!


We went to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase last night, saw Ty Barnett, he came in second in this season’s Last Comic Standing. He put on a great show, very funny, down-to-earth comedian. The house was packed, so much so, that they had a screw up with our online ticket purchase. They claimed they had our party of two seated at two different tables, so they tried to stick us in a square foot spot between a steel beam and a guy with a gigantic head who apparently thought he was tiny and invisible. As an alternative, they offered us seats at what they call the “VIP Table” (it’s essentially a table for comedians waiting to go on, who might be tired want to sit down. We chose the VIP table, rather than trying to see through a melon head. Not a bad spot, no one in front of you, quick exit, right near the comedians, so you can see, or rather, hear their reactions to their comrades’ joke-telling skills. Apparently, they thought Ty was pretty funny, too. Check him out, if you get the chance.

So, tomato season is upon us, and if you’re a tomato lover and if you’ve ever tried an heirloom tomato that knocked your socks off, then you may very well be a crazy gardener, attempting to grow your own this year, like I have. Back in the spring, when all things look promising, I read a NY Times article that reviewed heirloom tomatoes from a company called Windowbox. So, like a good little gardener, I surfed on over to their site and purchased a few of the “author recommended” plants. I am sorry to say that out of the four –darn expensive with shipping and all– plants, only one is performing somewhat decently. Remaining three — utterly and completely D-E-D. Don’t know if it was my gardening skills or this ridiculous weather, or a combination of both, but I was not a happy camper. So, I phoned the company because they have a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” promise. They gave me ½ the money back, minus shipping, of course. Respectable gesture, but I don’t think I would try this at home again, anytime soon. Not for the faint of wallet. I think I’m sticking with the cheapo plants from Produce Station and Coleman’s next year. 

I started this blog, thinking I would write mostly about the marketing, advertising and PR scene in Ann Arbor, but soon realized that, while exciting to some, oddly enough, the business scene may not be the most scintillating thing to write about. You’ll grab snippets of the local happenings here and there, but strictly business, this is not.

Born and raised in New York – Brooklyn, to be exact, I have spent the first half of my life living as a New Yorker, taking the subway to work in Manhattan everyday. I relocated to Michigan a couple of years ago, and while the change has been dramatic, I love it here. You’ll probably pick up on my ex-New Yorker POV, so, for future reference, I just wanted to explain where that comes from. “You got a problem with that?”

Welcome to my blog! I’m Ann Stofflet, and the name of my B2B writing company, Artway Interactive Writing. Lots of cool and exciting things on the horizon. Globally speaking, we’ve got the first annual OneWebDay on September 22, 2006. Good reason to set aside some time to recognize that the web has changed lives for the better. Tech firms and individuals across the globe might consider taking the day to do something great for their respective communities. And, Google’s coming to town, Wooohooo! Ann Arbor and Southeastern Michigan in general, have been a buzz about that. Everyday, headlines in the paper: Where are they going to be located? What economic impact will they have on Ann Arbor and the Southeastern Michigan business community? It will bring 1,000 jobs to the area! Where is everybody going to PARK? Parking nightmare aside, we’re betting Google’s presence, whether in downtown Ann Arbor, or one of the surrounding areas, will be positive in every way, energizing an already vibrant community. We look forward to it, even if they’ve got only 8 measly jobs on their website, at present, but who’s counting…not me.

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