So, tomato season is upon us, and if you’re a tomato lover and if you’ve ever tried an heirloom tomato that knocked your socks off, then you may very well be a crazy gardener, attempting to grow your own this year, like I have. Back in the spring, when all things look promising, I read a NY Times article that reviewed heirloom tomatoes from a company called Windowbox. So, like a good little gardener, I surfed on over to their site and purchased a few of the “author recommended” plants. I am sorry to say that out of the four –darn expensive with shipping and all– plants, only one is performing somewhat decently. Remaining three — utterly and completely D-E-D. Don’t know if it was my gardening skills or this ridiculous weather, or a combination of both, but I was not a happy camper. So, I phoned the company because they have a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” promise. They gave me ½ the money back, minus shipping, of course. Respectable gesture, but I don’t think I would try this at home again, anytime soon. Not for the faint of wallet. I think I’m sticking with the cheapo plants from Produce Station and Coleman’s next year.