We went to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase last night, saw Ty Barnett, he came in second in this season’s Last Comic Standing. He put on a great show, very funny, down-to-earth comedian. The house was packed, so much so, that they had a screw up with our online ticket purchase. They claimed they had our party of two seated at two different tables, so they tried to stick us in a square foot spot between a steel beam and a guy with a gigantic head who apparently thought he was tiny and invisible. As an alternative, they offered us seats at what they call the “VIP Table” (it’s essentially a table for comedians waiting to go on, who might be tired want to sit down. We chose the VIP table, rather than trying to see through a melon head. Not a bad spot, no one in front of you, quick exit, right near the comedians, so you can see, or rather, hear their reactions to their comrades’ joke-telling skills. Apparently, they thought Ty was pretty funny, too. Check him out, if you get the chance.