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We have all been negatively impacted in one way or another by the increasing prevalence of unsafe product recalls, whether by tainted pet or human food, lead laden toys or contaminated toothpaste. It’s about time we had a place where we can learn about what not to buy, and how we can do something about it.

The Consumers Union (the same good folks who provide us with Consumer Reports) recently launched an informative and helpful site,, where you can check for recent product recalls and take action to make all products safer in the cart

Recalls, after a dangerous product is found on store shelves, are important, but not enough.

Manufacturers and importers must be required to:

  • Test and inspect products before shipping them to the U.S.
  • Face stiffer fines for importing unsafe products
  • Create a traceability program for toys and consumer products, and
  • Employ third party certification systems to assure food and products meet US standards

Retailers must be required to:

  • Remove all recalled products from shelves promptly
  • Post prominent recall notices, and
  • Spot check products for safety

You can also visit the Take Action page and fill out a form which will automatically send your message to Congress, asking them to keep hazardous and unsafe products from being imported to the Unites States.


I just wanted to share this video I stumbled upon today. I am so glad I did, for it exemplifies pure joy, a rare find, indeed. Enjoy!

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