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“Exercise While I Work? It’s Not Possible! Now it is, Thanks To The Hawaii Chair!”

You really need to see Ellen Degeneres demonstrate the latest workout marvel, the Hawaii Chair. I think that the people (a.k.a. actors) on the infomercial deserve an Academy Award. I don’t know about you, but I am seriously considering asking my manager to invest the $293.96 per person and order these for the entire staff, it’s free shipping and it’s got the 2800RPM Hula Motor.

Ellen and the Hawaii Chair

And here is the infomercial on YouTube:

For “more informations” visit PerfectUSA, where you can view the infomercial in any Asian language of your choice, Mexican and of course, Canadian….


Just too funny, and oh so sadly true! As a side note, we saw Feist perform at the Letterman show in August and they were awesome.

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