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Painting eggs is fun at Easter, unless you’re the egg. Click the below image to experience a view from the eyes of a hard-boiled egg, courtesy of JibJab…poor Larry. Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter Eggs! @ Yahoo! Video

Kevin Connolly

When doubtful about your ability to achieve something, it helps now and then to happen across the slice of life…amazing life…stories that are out there, and here’s one of ’em. Kevin Connolly, rock climber, avid skier, skateboarder and traveler…and born without legs. Rather than go through life as the continual object of stares, Connolly decided to turn it around and shoot straight from the hip, with his camera. He captured the looks, all 3,200 of ’em, from 15 countries, 3,100 cities. Varying from pity to awe — Connolly showcases these looks at The Rolling Exhibition. A true inspiration.

This parody is too “fierce” to be true. Amy Poehler give us her expert take on the little 21 year old winning designer with the big ego, big mouth, and big talent. Bill Hader does a great job portraying Tim Gunn, but I think he needs to add a few syllables to the word “work” when he proclaims the all too memorable catchphrase”Make it work.” (Don’t get me wrong, I think Tim makes Project Runway, with his sincere interest and thoughtful input – he just adds lots of syllables to short words.)

Saturday Night Live Presents Bravo’s New Makeover Show, “Fierce”

If you didn’t have a chance to watch Runway this season (it was fabulous) catch the YouTube mash-up of Christian one-liners in the link below to grasp the full benefit of the SNL parody. Enjoy!


Ever hear someone use a word over and over and over again and wish it you could just banish it from the English language? Well, thanks to Lake Superior State University, now you can! Refer to their handy dandy 2008 Banished Word List and wave the thing around like a flag the next time your irksome cubicle mate says, “with the right word smithing, we can produce a sweet webinar with organic results that will decimate the competition and give back to the post-9/11 community. ” And if they ignore you, well, back in the day, we would just throw them under the bus, I mean, it is what it is. Probably a good idea to check previous year lists, too, as you may be guilty of using words long past their expiration date. At this point in time, the lists date as far back as 1976, how macho! You can also submit a word for banishment, which I am very excited about.

If you are brave enough to check out their complete list, you may come away wondering if there are any safe words left in the English language. Well, to be totally honest with you, in my humble opinion, I see what you are saying and I feel your pain, but don’t even go there. Whoomp, there it is!

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