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The Infamous Bubble Dress

In a very interesting and brilliant move, Polaroid announced a new multi-year strategic partnership with Lady Gaga, singer/performance artist/ fashionista/ soon to be comic book star, and inspiration for Barbie doll clothing.

While serving as Polaroid’s new creative director for a specialty line of imaging products that will merge Polaroid’s instant film and digital-imaging capabilities, to be released in late 2010. Gaga will also be featured in their marketing campaign. In exchange, Polaroid will maintain a strong presence on the Fame Monster Tour.

Gaga said, “I am definitely a Polaroid camera girl.  I really believe in the lifestyle and injecting the things that I love into [this]. … For me, what I’m really excited about is bringing back the artistry and the nature of Polaroid…Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and to as my father puts it — finally, have a real job.” Gaga also shared that Polaroid won’t be selling cameras with her face on them. “I’m working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future,” she said.

Lady Gaga is the first artist to have the first five singles from her debut album shoot to Billboard’s top spot.  Kudos to the Gaga… and to Polaroid – if the innovation she provides Polaroid is anywhere near as intriguing, cool and lucrative as what she provides her fans through her songs, videos and avant-garde fashion choices, I am sure this partnership is bound to go platinum.


Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while, since work and life, in general, have been extremely busy.

I wanted to share this picture of our cat, Quincy, the tape addict. He’s a nine year old seal point, mitted ragdoll, and is obviously as guilty as heck, since the evidence is stuck to his chest for all the world to see.

The routine is, we hide all adhesive related products in the house, since Quincy hunts them down and finds them, no matter how large (like a shipping box with all sorts of packing tape on it) or small (like a post it note with an important reminder on it, or an entire book of stamps that cost you $8.40 .)

If he happens to stumble upon anything remotely adhesive in nature, he is on it like a crack head, chewing away until he becomes sick to his stomach and makes a mess on our floor.  In scientific explanation, I have read that certain adhesives may call out to him because they make them with  – errr – animal connective tissue.  Gross, I know, but alas, there it is.

Some other things Quincy enjoys: the tasty cotton end of a Q-tip, coming into the shower and waiting until I drip water out of my freshly shampooed hair onto his fur. Yes, he is most definitely whacked.

I would love to know what strange things your pets may be addicted to, or strange behaviors they might exhibit. Oh, and if you know of any 12 step programs for the adhesive addicted cat…

Kevin Connolly

When doubtful about your ability to achieve something, it helps now and then to happen across the slice of life…amazing life…stories that are out there, and here’s one of ’em. Kevin Connolly, rock climber, avid skier, skateboarder and traveler…and born without legs. Rather than go through life as the continual object of stares, Connolly decided to turn it around and shoot straight from the hip, with his camera. He captured the looks, all 3,200 of ’em, from 15 countries, 3,100 cities. Varying from pity to awe — Connolly showcases these looks at The Rolling Exhibition. A true inspiration.


Ever hear someone use a word over and over and over again and wish it you could just banish it from the English language? Well, thanks to Lake Superior State University, now you can! Refer to their handy dandy 2008 Banished Word List and wave the thing around like a flag the next time your irksome cubicle mate says, “with the right word smithing, we can produce a sweet webinar with organic results that will decimate the competition and give back to the post-9/11 community. ” And if they ignore you, well, back in the day, we would just throw them under the bus, I mean, it is what it is. Probably a good idea to check previous year lists, too, as you may be guilty of using words long past their expiration date. At this point in time, the lists date as far back as 1976, how macho! You can also submit a word for banishment, which I am very excited about.

If you are brave enough to check out their complete list, you may come away wondering if there are any safe words left in the English language. Well, to be totally honest with you, in my humble opinion, I see what you are saying and I feel your pain, but don’t even go there. Whoomp, there it is!

What makes a commercial really great? Well, for Superbowl Ads the bar has been set pretty high – something really funny or extremely clever gets lots of post game buzz. Companies hope for buzz that increases consumer awareness, product trials, word-of-mouth, and inevitably, sales.

The trick is to have an ad that is funny or clever, actually leaves the consumer wanting more and not only makes them think fondly about how funny your company is (because funny doesn’t convince people to part with dollars when buying a car), but makes them curious enough to try your product or service, or investigate further. Many of the incredibly funny ads run the risk of out-joking themselves, leaving the us without a memory of what the ad was for in the first place.

This one was the best of the lot, in my opinion, because it was super hysterical, and sadly, so very true. It made me want to go out and buy more Tide sticks (I already use them and they really work):

Poor guy…

But speaking of consumer curiosity, I’ve already visited the site and played with the stain voices to amuse myself. I am also thinking about adopting the stain voice as my new ring-tone. I hope Tide comes up with additional commercials that show more of these real life scenarios. In the meantime, release your inner stain by uploading a stain with your face and voice, or entering the contest to create the next commercial at

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