You may have seen this Talking Dogs clip elsewhere, but I just had to add it here, quite adorable.

Now if we could just get our two stoic cats to speak we’d have something extraordinary…


Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while, since work and life, in general, have been extremely busy.

I wanted to share this picture of our cat, Quincy, the tape addict. He’s a nine year old seal point, mitted ragdoll, and is obviously as guilty as heck, since the evidence is stuck to his chest for all the world to see.

The routine is, we hide all adhesive related products in the house, since Quincy hunts them down and finds them, no matter how large (like a shipping box with all sorts of packing tape on it) or small (like a post it note with an important reminder on it, or an entire book of stamps that cost you $8.40 .)

If he happens to stumble upon anything remotely adhesive in nature, he is on it like a crack head, chewing away until he becomes sick to his stomach and makes a mess on our floor.  In scientific explanation, I have read that certain adhesives may call out to him because they make them with  – errr – animal connective tissue.  Gross, I know, but alas, there it is.

Some other things Quincy enjoys: the tasty cotton end of a Q-tip, coming into the shower and waiting until I drip water out of my freshly shampooed hair onto his fur. Yes, he is most definitely whacked.

I would love to know what strange things your pets may be addicted to, or strange behaviors they might exhibit. Oh, and if you know of any 12 step programs for the adhesive addicted cat…

Ok, so I confess I never got around to seeing Sex and the City on the big screen, although I was an addict when it was on HBO. I figure it got such mixed reviews, at this point there is no harm in my waiting ’til it shows up on Netflix.

But in light of the topic at hand, I have to share this video I stumbled upon, starring the hysterically sarcastic Bea Arthur in full Carrie Bradshaw regalia and Abe Vigoda as a geriatric Big. Now had THIS been made into a 2 hour feature film, I surely would have broken down and bought a ticket…

I learned of this prank from the fine people at and, two amazingly creative, funny and awesome sites with the loyal participation of many talented, fun-loving people. Check out their sites, the video, Slo Mo Home Depot, is one of my favorites–wish I could’ve been part of the group that pulled that one off.

Apparently, Verizon Wireless had the marketing smarts to actually make their commercial come to life for one lucky customer. Check out this video, just another reason to stick with Verizon – for their sense of humor (not to mention their fantastic IN network calling plan). Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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With my tears just barely dry after Hilary’s loss, I came upon a brief, but clear, comparison courtesy of the Wall Street Journal that clearly lays out where Obama and McCain stand on the issues. Check it out: The Battle Begins

Tug-O-War (Wall Street Journal)

On a lighter note, I came across this “newsworthy” video that goes on and on (and on) about the highly important and culturally significant” fist bump. Maybe it’s just me, but sadly, they never mentioned the public butt slap — even funnier. Ah well, that’s a slow news day for ya!

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