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Ok, just a post to get an idea what terminology you all use when waiting to check out at the grocery store, or any store for that matter.

Let’s go back, let’s go waaaaay back, you are getting sleepier and sleepier, now, try to imagine yourself in a pre-online universe… (I know for some of you youngsters, that might be a problem.) You are standing behind several people, waiting to make your purchase, are you on line or in line?

Are we in line or on line???

You see, I am originally from NYC and for me, it has always been on line, that is until I got to Michigan, where they say in line. Plus, add to that the whole confusion with the individual word online being defined as one’s being on the Internets.Historically speaking, I have read that the ” on line ” thing came about because of the Ellis Island experience. Immigrants literally stood on lines painted on the floor to move from one station to the next. The idiom remains in the NY area until this day.

Please comment, for I am quite curious to know your usage, as well as what region you’re from, so I can come to some conclusions of my own.


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