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Very interesting topic that came up at ArbCamp today:

Managing your online reputation. So, I thought I would share some things to think about when managing your virtual identity:

  1.  Google yourself!
  2. Keep your personal information personal.
  3. Before you post anything, stop and think about the longevity of Web content and how you wish to be perceived. Is this something that you want people to see tomorrow and possibly 10 years from now?
  4. Is the photo of you half naked with a lampshade on your head really that compelling? Does it need to be online?

    Lampshade on Head

  5. Re-learn your online boundaries. Will the anti-capitalistic rant you posted adversely effect your future interview with a Fortune 500?
  6. Join the right social networks – LinkedIn is likely a great choice for those who are career oriented.
  7. JTLYK, if your goal is to project a professional image, you should avoid use of IM slang and acronyms.
  8. Be wary of how you appear on social networking sites. It may be fun to show your friends the pictures of your most recent keg stand, but think about how it will look to recruiters and prospective, or current employers.
  9. That being said, depending on your field, the complete lack of an online persona could lead prospective employers to believe you are not “connected.”
  10. Create an online persona you can be proud of, now and in the future.

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