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Blog Action Day banner   Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of changing our environment? Have you ever thought, “it ain’t easy being green”, or, “I could never make a difference with what little I can do”?

Well, not to fear, you don’t need to go out and plunk down some cash for a hybrid, or give up everything in life that makes you comfortable and happy. You can start going green with little changes that truly add up, helping you subtract from your carbon footprint.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green!

Here are 10 tips that can get you going and some links to help you learn more:

  • Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth, just when you need to
  • Recycle, even if it isn’t a requirement in your hometown
  • Go out and get some of these inexpensive, durable and highly rated canvas grocery bags and use them for your grocery shopping
  • Check out (a really cool site) and find companies that are green and use their products, if it makes sense to you
  • If going completely organic doesn’t agree with your paycheck, take a second to total up what you spend on fast food each month, and see if reducing fast food meals will give you some extra cash to buy the good stuff – it’s better for you and the environment!
  • Plan on growing your own – veggies, that is. Look into raised bed gardening, if you’ve got a yard at your disposal. I did, and it’s alot of fun and rewarding, too. If you are an apartment dweller, look into window box gardening. Also, some communities also have a group gardening initiative, if you volunteer some time, in exchange, you get a small plot of land in which to grow your veggies, pretty cool.
  • Don’t idle your car: better to shut it off entirely if you are going to be waiting a while
  • Donate to and purchase from thrift shops, you’ll be giving to a good cause, saving money and producing less waste for our landfills
  • Go to to calculate your carbon footprint. Nothing like a little reality check to get you thinking about a greener life
  • Consider water filtering options for your home water consumption, so you can use your own water instead of buying and tossing those pesky bottles

It’s the little changes that turn into big ones. Try a few of these, you’ll feel good about yourself and you might just have fun in the process!


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